4 investment influencers you should follow


If you are new to the world of investing, you might feel overwhelmed by the information available – from learning passive income generation to financial planning and budgets; there is too much information on financial planning and investments.

But sometimes it is better to learn from the experts in this field. Fortunately, thanks to social media platforms, you can easily connect with different investment influencers. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the top investment influencers you should follow.

Marc Cuban

Mark Cuban is a famous entrepreneur and investor who has amassed a fortune of approximately $ 4.3 billion. He is also famous for being the owner of the basketball team – the Dallas Mavericks, and for publicly sharing his investment advice on the ABC Shark Tank TV show.

So you can easily find his opinions on the TV show and on his social media platforms including Twitter. Some of his notable accomplishments include media company 2929 Entertainment, and he is also the owner of the popular AXS TV. Marc Cuban is also a strong believer in crypto and frequently shares his opinions on the subject of crypto podcasts.

Josh brown

Josh Brown is famous for his monetary blog – the Reformed Broker. Josh Brown has long worked as a financial advisor and is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. In addition, he is the author of three books on finance and investing.

As a columnist and editor for Yahoo !, he frequently shares his knowledge on various topics in this field, including finance, politics, economics and stocks. It’s also worth noting that Josh uses sarcasm and pop culture references to share his knowledge, so you’ll find his blog as well as his writing very understandable and accessible.

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Barbara friedberg

Barbara Friedberg is a famous blogger and entrepreneur. Her blog, Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance, is all about personal finance advice. She updates her blog regularly, sharing her expertise on topics such as saving, budgeting, developing an investment strategy, wealth building strategy, and other interesting financial topics.

So if you’re looking to create a financial budget or hit your financial goals, be sure to check out his blog. Regarding her experience, she worked as a portfolio manager, financial technology consultant and she also worked at the University of Santa Clara as a professor of finance and investment. So you can rest assured that you will find expert advice on his blog and improve your financial literacy as a new investor.

Elon musk

Elon Musk is a famous entrepreneur and the CEO of SpaceX, and Tesla is a well-known clean energy company. As for his investments, he managed to increase his wealth by investing in PayPal Holdings Inc., DeepMind and The Boring Company. He is also very popular on Twitter as he has over 50 million followers, where he regularly shares his opinions as well as his investment choices with his followers.

It is safe to say that his influence is far reaching, especially in the crypto sphere. More precisely, when Elon musk announced that he had made the decision to invest Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion in BTC, the price of Bitcoin instantly shot up to over $ 60,000. Moreover, when he declared Dogecoin to be his favorite cryptocurrency, the price of that meme-coin increased significantly.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, when developing your investment strategy, it can be beneficial to follow influencers who have solid investment background and share their knowledge with their audience. But again, you need to compare their advice with your financial budget, investment strategy, and long-term goals.

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