96% of students who attended Finasana’s investment workshop at King’s College London found it beneficial


Finasana relies heavily on partnerships with leading universities to offer students workshops on personal finance and investing

96% of participants surveyed during the last session at King’s College London felt that they had benefited from the event with Finasana.

– Navya Sethi, King’s Business Club Finance Manager

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Finasana, the financial wellness and literacy mobile app and website, has partnered with various universities, such as King’s College London, University of Liverpool and University of Nottingham, to educate students on personal finance and investing to better prepare them for their financial future.

Highlighting the need for greater financial education among the younger generations, the event showed overwhelming feedback from students that they find the workshops beneficial and valuable. According to Navya Sethi, head of finance at King’s Business Club in London, “96% of the participants questioned during the last session of King’s College London felt that they had benefited from the event with Finasana”.

“The positive feedback from our events, especially from such a renowned and prestigious university, is extremely motivating and reaffirms the value of our mission. People really want to know more about personal finance, and investing in particular. The demand is absolutely there, but education and financial advice must be more accessible and inclusive, ”says Gabi Slemer, CEO and founder of Finasana.

Finasana’s mission is to create a world of confident investors and reduce financial stress through financial literacy. To this end, the partnerships have included membership in the Finasana platform combined with live or virtual interactive workshops.

Interest in investing has exploded over the past couple of years, especially as cryptocurrency, memestocks, and self-directed investing gain popularity among the younger generations.

Students, in particular, are eager to learn more. They seek out this information online and among their peers, but often don’t know who to turn to for quality information they can trust, and often end up turning to social media ‘influencers’ – financial influencers.

Earlier this year, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a report examine the actions and motivations of independent investors. Research shows that a younger and more diverse group is engaging in higher risk investments, spurred by the accessibility of investment apps and financial advice on social media. However, the FCA notes that higher risk products may not be suitable for this group of consumers. Almost two-thirds say large investment losses would have a “fundamental impact” on their lifestyle and their future.

“Financial literacy is important, and seeing young people explore the idea of ​​investing their money is a good thing,” Gabi said. “But they have to understand the risk. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, no matter what influencers say.

The goal of partnerships between Finasana and universities is to increase financial resilience, both short and long term, by providing financial education from reliable, reputable and qualified sources. “We want to make sure that students are prepared and empowered to invest their money in a safe way that is consistent with their long-term goals and that they understand how to think about risk,” Gabi explains.

For those who want full access to Finasana’s web platform and applications, universities can either purchase a subscription and offer it as a free resource to their students, or students can receive a discount code for the subscription. ‘access. The platform includes a comprehensive library with varied content styles including videos, audios, articles, quizzes, and interactive activities, as well as Ask Finasana, a one-to-one question-and-answer messaging service. head with financial experts. These same options are also available to businesses, EAPs, or benefit providers.

To contact us regarding a partnership with Finasana, please contact Lewis Williams, Head of Partnerships, at [email protected]

About Finasana:
Finasana is an online financial wellness and literacy platform. Our mission is to reduce financial stress through financial literacy and create a world of confident investors. We do this through a combination of features that includes Ask Finasana: a one-to-one messaging feature where users can get their questions answered by financial experts, lowering barriers to professional financial advice, as well as virtual lessons that use quiz and gamification to allow users to identify knowledge gaps and access how-to guides. Our lessons, or paths, contain different styles of content, such as short, organized videos and audios, coupled with activities and how-to articles, that empower users to better understand and take back control of their finances. Finasana champions simplicity and accessibility through our website and mobile app to make financial literacy accessible to everyone across six main categories: investing, budgeting, financial well-being, saving, spending and borrowing.

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