Announcement of the 2021 Investing Reviews Awards winners


The winners of the inaugural 2021 Investing Reviews Awards were announced today in a crowded Hilton Ballroom on Park Lane.

OK, that’s a lie. We deliberately avoided a glitzy shindig in central London as we didn’t want to sell our nominated tables for several thousand euros.

We believed that all effort should be put into rewards rather than overpriced event packages.

In total there was 97 nominees in 10 categories, collectively amassing some 3000 votes from the public, helped by a lot of buzz and engagement online.

Our five judges, headed by Julian Knight MP, who was himself a financial journalist at the BBC and Independent, said the competition was fierce and the decision-making process difficult.

But they resisted and our 10 winners are listed below. All will receive a real-world trophy in the mail and, of course, congratulations on receiving their gong for their contributions to financial services and personal finance.

2021 Investing Reviews Awards winners

The following winners have been recognized in this year’s awards, with comments from selected judges.

Best Personal Finance Blogger

Winner – Dr Nikki Ramskill – The Female Money Doctor

“After recognizing the stress that money problems created in his patients, Dr. Nikki took steps to educate and motivate people to better manage their finances. These small, easy-to-understand blogs cover a wide range of topics, with plenty of practical advice.

Best Personal Finance Book

Winner – Selina Flavius ​​- Black Girl Finance

“Amid very tough competition, Selina has brought a refreshing new voice to the Personal Finance Library.”

Best Personal Finance Journalist

Winner – Rachel Mortimer – The Telegraph

“He sort of manages to make home loans attractive and accessible to everyone, which is no small feat. In the world of brick and mortar finance, Rachel is a breath of fresh air.

Best Personal Finance Podcast

Winner – Significant Money – Pete Matthew

“Pete is a huge advocate of helping people with their money. Its content is insightful, clear and always useful to consumers.

Best Personal Finance Social Media

Winner – Ruth Taylor – @moneysavvymumuk

“Ruth’s colorful and fun Instagram account makes budgeting really accessible. With free resources and entertaining scrolls, Ruth’s over 12,000 subscribers receive practical advice on how to pay off debt and start building wealth. “

Best personal finance website

Winner – Money Saving Expert –

“I don’t think a week goes by without someone telling me that they’ve read something useful on Martin Lewis’s website. He is trustworthy and caring and his integrity is clear.

Best Financial Services Blogger

Winner – Chris Skinner

“A surprisingly diverse and up-to-date overview of the broad field of financial services. Well-written and accessible articles, useful to all.

Best Financial Services Book

Winner – Anne Boden – Bet on her: How I disrupted an industry

“Anne is a long awaited inspiration and force for change in the banking industry. “

Best Financial Services Journalist

Winner – Valentina Romei – Financial Times

“Insightful articles on all kinds of economic topics. Valentina brings clarity to Financial Services on macroeconomic issues that affect us all. “

Best Financial Services Podcast

Winner – Fintech Insider

“Well established, consistent and offers a wide range of content. A great resource for those who want to keep up with the latest disruptors in the financial services world.

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