Aurachain enters the North American market


Aurachain, the low-code software development platform, will enter the North American market after gaining popularity in Europe and the GCC.

Aurachain’s low-code platform, which enables enterprises to quickly build and launch distributed process and ledger applications, is widely used across many industries, especially financial services.

The low-code application platform offered by Aurachain is specifically designed to scale in cloud and on-premises environments and provides enterprises with an intuitive and collaborative experience when developing new software applications. Strategically deploying low-code technology can help companies accelerate business-critical solutions and reduce time-to-market for new product offerings. The impact of low-code technology globally is reflected in analyst forecasts, as Gartner claims it will dominate the future software development landscape.

Governments and major international banks have successfully implemented Aurachain’s low-code platform to accelerate critical process transformation and automation projects. For example, the platform was used by a national government to implement a fully digital job retention program in less than 10 days at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform is widely recognized for supporting the digital transformation journey of leading banks, including complex implementations to support enterprise customer onboarding, accelerate the creation of various banking products, and provide integrated incident management solutions that monitor and maintain ATM and POS fleets.

Adela Wiener, CEO of Aurachain, said: “Expansion into the North American market has always been a goal for our company, and we are now in a position to realize this ambition. Significant traction for our low-code platform in Europe and the Gulf region has led to a series of successful projects with enterprise-level customers, and we believe now is the perfect time to continue on this momentum in a new market. Our launch in North America comes at a time when digital transformation projects are on the rise, but the skills to provide are scarce, so we’re excited to bring Aurachain into the conversation as the most intuitive for businesses. application development process. »


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