I’m a budgeting expert – adhering to the claim that you’ll save more on dollar store purchases is wrong


SHOPPING at the dollar store can be extremely tempting as many are struggling to make ends meet amid the cost of living and inflation crisis.

But, budgeting experts have warned that you shouldn’t believe you’ll save more and get a bargain.


Experts have warned shoppers can’t always get a bargain at the dollar store (stock photo)Credit: Getty

Some items at dollar stores may not cost $1, and workers have warned that some products may not be of the best quality.


Not everything is $1 at the dollar store – a revelation that has caused outrage among shoppers.

In late 2021, Dollar Tree made the decision to end its $1 pricing after 35 years and increase the cost of most items to $1.25.

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Dollar Tree officials said at the time, “The company believes the time is right to move away from the $1.00 price constraints in order to continue to deliver extreme value to customers.

“This decision is permanent and is not a reaction to short-term or transitory market conditions.”


Dollar Tree has been accused of downsizing some of its products following price hikes.

In one video, a TikToker showed before and after photos of several grooming essentials such as razors and cotton swabs.

Prior to the increase, razors were available for five per pack and cotton swabs in packs of 300.

However, afterwards, razors were only available for a pack of four, and cotton swabs were packaged in the number of 200.

One furious commenter said: ‘Damn, we’re charging more and giving away less product than before.’

Dollar Tree did not immediately respond to a request for comment when approached by The Sun.


Shopping at dollar stores can lead to impulse buying, as it’s tempting to stock up on items ranging from groceries to pantry to arts and crafts.

But some influencers recommended shoppers look elsewhere for items.

bargain hunter Kallie Branciforte claimed customers should buy paper plates and gift wrap from other outlets, rather than the dollar store.

Dollar stores also sell toys that can keep your kids entertained, but Branciforte thinks these items aren’t good value.


Dollar store workers have taken to social media to warn shoppers about items they shouldn’t buy.

An employee, known only as Brenda, told Mental Floss that customers should avoid frozen seafood or meat.

The worker recommended shoppers go to their local store to buy frozen fish and meat.


Even though shopping at dollar stores can be extremely inexpensive, there is a risk that the product selection offered will be restrictive, according to Finance Buzz.

Consumer Reports experts said they found a lack of brand variety among items such as cereal.

While buyers from competitors such as walmart can stock up on family favorites like Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms.

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