Israel invests NIS 100 million (US$29 million) to establish Israel’s Quantum Computing Center


The 100 million new Israeli shekels (NIS) budget will cover a period of three years and will be provided by the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA). The center will work with three different quantum technologies, including superconductivity, cold atoms and photonics, and associated software. Quantum Machines was selected to lead the creation of the center, with Quantum Machines’ quantum orchestration platform being a key part of the project and providing a shared layer of control. The quantum orchestration platform supports a variety of different quantum technologies and has a modular architecture that will allow systems to be upgraded or support other quantum technologies in the future. A short-term goal of the project is to have functional quantum computing with at least 50 qubits available within the next 12 to 18 months. Other consortium partners include:

  • Elbit Systems: Member of the center’s advisory board and responsible for the design of quantum applications for the government sector and other support services.
  • QuantWare: Superconducting Quantum Processing Units (QPUs)
  • ORCA Computing: quantum photonic computing system
  • ColdQuanta: quantum computing system based on cold atoms
  • ParTec: High Performance Classical Computing (HPC) platform for integrating HPC and quantum computing
  • Classiq and state-of-the-art software application layer capabilities, including quantum software development tools and benchmarking software

The center will be part of the Israel National Quantum Initiative (INQI) which was launched in 2018 and has an overall budget of NIS 1.25 billion ($360 million). Additional information about this new center can be found in a press release provided by Quantum Machines here and in another press release (in Hebrew) provided by the Israel Innovation Authority accessible here.

July 18, 2022


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