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Antony Breeze, 36, told a horrified witness as flames engulfed him: ‘I’ve had enough’.

Less than an hour earlier Mr Breeze, who owed £ 1,600, had received SMS reminders of his arrears from three different loan companies, according to an investigation heard this week.

A police investigation revealed that he owed money to several lenders, including Keyes Whitlock and Co, Mobile Money Ltd, 247moneybox.com, Cash Genie and Valor Loans.

Even after his death, letters asking for money were sent to his father’s home.

The investigation in Bolton learned that he worked six days a week as a driver to support his girlfriend Amanda Lowe and his six-year-old daughter Amy.

But he struggled to make ends meet, began to lose weight, and may have seen a debt counselor.

He was also worried about the possibility of paying for a future marriage or another baby.

Last August Mr Breeze bought £ 3 worth of petrol from a can at a petrol station, then headed for a secluded runway, the hearing was heard.

Fifteen minutes later, screams were heard and he emerged in a ball of fire.

Electrician Paul Tunnah, who was badly burned as he bravely tried to put out the flames, said: “He was conscious from the start until he left in the ambulance.

“I asked him what happened and he basically said, ‘I’ve had enough. I am in debt and I have poured gasoline on myself ”.

Mr. Breeze died hours later from 73% burns.

His sister, Caroline Hedley, said he had also appeared worried about a possible dismissal and the renovation of his home in Horwich, near Bolton.

She said she also felt “a little bit of tension” between him and his girlfriend over money.

She added: “He must have lost about a stone of weight in two weeks.”

The hearing was told that Mr Breeze’s father, Alan, had asked him about the money just days before his death, to which he replied: “We are fighting but we will manage.”

Girlfriend Amanda said Mr Breeze made phone calls all night before he died.

She said: “His phone never stopped ringing and he didn’t want to tell me who it was.” She added, “I don’t understand why he did that.

“He was fine in the morning. My daughter and I were having breakfast. He said ‘I’m going to Iceland, are you coming? We can all go together ”.

“I said, ‘But we don’t have any money.’ He said, “Well, we’ve got a few,” and he just come out. “

Amanda called him later and he told her he was buying gasoline for his father’s lawn mower. Recording an open verdict, Assistant Coroner Alan Walsh said he was unsure of Mr. Breeze’s intentions. He added: “He was a man who sometimes worried about family finances.”

After the investigation, those close to Mr. Breeze said in a joint statement: “The lives of those who loved him will never be the same again.”

The £ 2bn payday lending industry is fighting crackdown. The Consumer Finance Association, which represents short-term lenders, says most consumers are “financially smart and savvy.”


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