Let’s get back to work investing in modern water and sanitation infrastructure


By Simon Thomas, international consultant and board member of Megapipes Solutions Limited

As we transition to a new government, now is the time to take strong action to deliver on some of the promises made during the campaign period; it is particularly urgent to invest in the modernization of water and sanitation infrastructure.

Dilapidated and overstretched water supply and sanitation infrastructure has resulted in inadequate and insufficient domestic water supplies, making life in parts of major urban areas a nightmare – water rationing and sewage Splinters are commonplace, and locals are no longer surprised to see these occurrences.

Residents are forced to budget a percentage of their income to purchase water from barrels or other sources at high cost and on top of the financial burden they have no assurance that this water has been treated and is safe for household use.

If we take Nairobi as an example, the change in zoning laws over the past two decades has ushered in high density developments such as apartment buildings and commercial offices in many of the city’s suburbs that were previously populated by houses. individual.

Areas such as Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Riverside and Lavington were previously characterized as leafy suburbs dotted with separate houses, but today they are home to dense apartment buildings, offices, hotels and student residences. While population density has increased, investments in water and sanitation over the same period have not kept pace; straining this infrastructure.

As the race for the skies continues, we know that our old systems will continue to

receive more pressure, further exacerbating the current water and sewer problems that city residents are struggling with.

Future national and county governments must prioritize investments in water and sanitation infrastructure that will have short and long-term benefits, such as a reduction in water-borne diseases, including cholera, typhoid and diarrhea.

Investing in this infrastructure would give a much needed cash injection to multiple industries as engineers, masons, carpenters, welders and other laborers would need to be employed during the construction phase of these projects. In addition to fixed-term contractors, suppliers of locally sourced construction materials would benefit from selling materials to project contractors.

Additionally, land values ​​would appreciate through the provision of sanitation infrastructure, as better housing is often developed in these areas.

Urban planners, at all levels of government, must go further and use modern water and sanitation technologies, including Weholite HDPE systems that offer them the possibility to deploy this infrastructure in a rapid and sustainable way.

Weholite HDPE pipes can be customized to suit a built environment, relieving engineers of the challenge of installing infrastructure in heavily built-up areas. Disruption of lives and livelihoods is one of the main reasons why communities often resist new projects, which is not an issue when using Weholite technology.

Weholite’s unique design capability has already solved some of the above engineering challenges. For example, in the Donholm area of ​​Nairobi, a major sewer diversion was installed with minimal disruption as the Weholite parts used were customized to fit very limited spaces. Another advantage is that Weholite also has a lifespan of 100 years when buried.

As the new government takes hold, it is a good time to start implementing the promises that have been made regarding the revamping of our water and sewage systems and the Weholite technology should

be explored for its potential to deploy this new infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

Megapipes Solutions Limited

1. About Megapipes Solutions Limited: Megapipes Solutions Limited aims to make sustainability a passion across Kenya and East Africa. Leading the conversation around stormwater and sanitation solution in Africa. Megapipes Solutions Limited provides sustainable stormwater and sanitation solutions through innovative products and services to ensure a safer and healthier world for generations to come. Long-term impact on the local economy through job creation and stormwater and sanitation management solutions to promote public safety and improve quality of life are at the forefront of Megapipes Solutions’ efforts. Limited.

Megapipes Solutions Limited is part of the Plasco Group and operates a world class manufacturing plant in Oaklands at Ruiru, Kiambu, the most modern plant of its kind in the world.

2. About Weholite: Weholite exploits an advanced technology polyethylene material and is mainly used in water infrastructure projects in Africa and the United Kingdom. It is recognized as a lightweight, durable, easy to install and abrasion resistant product that tolerates ground movement.

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