Live Richer Podcast Episode 4: Jaspreet Singh Talks Inflation and Investing in Uncertain Times


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In this two-part episode of GOBankingRates’ “Live Richer with Jaime Catmull” podcast, we meet Jaspreet Singh, popular YouTuber and founder of Minority Mindset, where his company’s mission is to “revolutionize financial education by making it fun and accessible”. He is a serial entrepreneur, licensed attorney, and has over a million YouTube subscribers.

In this episode, Singh shares real estate investing tips and how to make your investments work for you. “I invest my money in five places. I invest money in real estate, stocks, businesses, cryptocurrency and commodities like physical gold. I invest in real estate because it provides consistent, predictable cash flow. And it also provides legal tax breaks,” he said. For more on Singh’s advice, use the player above to select part two of Jaspreet’s interview.

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The Live Richer Podcast is a space created for people to challenge and manage their ideas of wealth, culture and money around the world. By exploring money concepts from various voices, listeners will be inspired to make better personal financial decisions. Bringing you the best personal finance tips to earn more, save more, and live richer.

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Jaime Catmull is here to help listeners like you cut through the clutter of personal finance advice that exists today to find the right information to improve your finances. Catmull is an advocate who empowers everyone to tackle the financial issues and obstacles they encounter throughout their lives. With eight years of personal finance experience at GOBankingRates, Catmull has built an extensive network of influencers and financial experts. Now she’s tapping into that network to get the real scoop on how you can live your best financial life and grow your wealth.

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Amen joined the content team in January 2019 and brings a diverse background in digital, broadcast and print journalism to the team. She is currently the executive producer of our Live Richer Podcast with Jaime Catmull. Prior to joining the GBR family, Amen was a screenwriter at, where she explored cinematic representations of people of color. She was previously the host of Dr. J The Counselor Show on 102.3 KJLH in Los Angeles. His work has also been featured on NPR/KCRW, Fox Entertainment News, Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper, Blavity and PilatesStyle Magazine.

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