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NEW YORK, October 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Greenspoon Marder LLP is pleased to announce the creation of Value (s) Management and investment (VMI). VMI is the new subsidiary of the women-run company that helps public and private companies and investment firms take advantage of the way they manage their sustainability operations, communications, risk management processes and insurance policies, as well as their capital allocation and attraction decisions. The subsidiary is managed by Sarah Teslik, who brings decades of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and investor experience, including years as head of the Council of Institutional Investors, as head of governance and internal communications, and with experience as a lawyer in large companies dealing with corporate and securities issues at the heart of ESG issues.

The management team To VMI understand Julien hamoud, a highly regarded executive compensation and ESG expert who most recently served as senior director of executive compensation research at Glass Lewis; Daniel J. Smith, an Australia-based governance expert who is a partner of Sovereign Governance Advisory and is the former Head of ISS Governance Research Operations for Australia and New Zealand; Jef McAllister, a LondonUK based lawyer, advisor and communications professional with extensive experience in UK, Europe and US dealing with a range of ESG ‘S’ issues including discrimination and harassment in employment, DCI and social justice issues; Peter Taylor, a 20-year-old professional who has combined a career in investment with an ESG specialist role; Michel patrick, a global governance and communications lawyer at Greenspoon Marder LLP; and Jen Fante, a 15-year professional in the legal industry specializing in budgeting, reporting and financial analysis.

“As a leading company on ESG issues for its own operations for decades, we are excited to expand our ability to help our customers and make the world a better place with the creation of VMI“said the executive committee of Greenspoon Marder LLP, a national full-service law firm with more than 20 locations across the United States where several key leadership positions are held by women.” We are incredibly fortunate to ‘have Sarah as the head of VMI – her track record of success in space is unmatched, and she builds an incredible team, ”added Rebecca bratter, Deputy Managing Partner of Greenspoon Marder LLP, who will play a dual role in the new entity.

VMI the focus is on real value-added work that helps companies attract more capital, and more patients; improve their information collection, disclosure and risk management practices; and focus on core customer products and services while avoiding the often costly and unproductive quagmire that ESG work can often get bogged down in.

“We believe we distinguish ourselves by our willingness and ability to tell clients what is not worth doing as well as what is critical to solve, while keeping our work product well focused and valuable. Teslik notes. “We pride ourselves on not only understanding topics at a technical and granular level, but also being able to apply that knowledge creatively to enable customers to be the leaders where they want to be and not just average in safety. “

Hamud added, “Governance issues were the first to gain importance, then environmental issues, but more and more companies and their investors are recognizing that social issues are at the root of everything from reputation and exposure to risk, potential for recruitment and retention, financial sustainability, and yet many companies’ abilities to track and analyze these metrics and opportunities are lagging behind what is possible. VMI is here to help. “

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About managing and investing value (s)

Value (s) Management and investment (VMI) helps companies turn new ESG pressures into opportunities for excellence and distinction. We help businesses avoid becoming fuzzy and reactive in mainstreaming the public good, and instead leverage their core products and services in ways that enhance both their values ​​and value creation. Financial sustainability is an essential precursor to all other types of sustainability. For more information visit

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