Monitor your portfolio: women and investing


(WILX) – 48% of women currently invest in the stock market, compared to 66% of men. Even more alarmingly, women are less likely than men to have learned about investing.

Tiffany Lam-Balfour, NerdWallet, said: “Often girls learn very early to save and budget when it comes to finances. As the boys learn more about investments and credit scores and how to build wealth. “

Lam-Balfour says it shows that sometimes, at an early age, men and women are put on different paths.

The study was conducted by NerdWallet and Harris Poll. He interviewed 2,000 adults. He also found that men are more likely to report feeling confident when it comes to talking about investments.

Lam-Balfour says there are ways to alter these statistics for women to rewrite their financial futures.

She said: “A lot of women tend to invest less and wait longer because they feel they need more to start investing. We encourage [women] to start investing as soon as possible.

It is important to get this interest compounded over a long period of time. And there are plenty of platforms that you don’t need to have a minimum account on. You can just put in a small amount of money to get started.

Automatic deductions from your paycheck, even just $ 20 or $ 25, can help you siphon money without even thinking about it.

And look at the possibility of hiring a financial advisor, or you can try a free robo-advisor online.

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