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There is nothing like a loan to finance your dormant project. Belgian banks are currently offering excellent rates. And the situation does not seem to be going down. The conditions for obtaining a loan obviously vary from one institution to another. The more guarantees you have, the more likely you are to get the approval of the banks. This is why mortgage lending has been on the rise in Belgium for a few years.


How it works ?

mortgage loans

Mortgage loan insurance is a benefit of insurance companies. It is aimed at first-time ascendants and those who wish for the umpteenth time to access real estate property with a small down payment. It is mandatory to boost your borrower profile. In fact, with such a guarantee, banks are not only more inclined to grant you a mortgage, but the applicable rates will be negotiable.


What is covered, is not it?

What is covered, is not it?

The importance of mortgage insurance coverage varies depending on the contract. On average, this coverage covers monthly payments and fees in the event of sudden insolvency of the borrower. It may be the death or disability of the latter. You have to differentiate between home insurance and mortgage insurance. The first covers, among other things, operating damage of all kinds, theft, fire and other accidents of life. While the second applies only in the context of a mortgage only. Nevertheless, in both cases, the importance of care depends on the quality and category of contracts. Be careful, this type of insurance only benefits the lending institutions and never the borrower.


How much does it cost ?

How much does it cost ?

To be sure to negotiate the best price for your mortgage loan insurance, you need to use online simulators. The cost of such coverage varies depending on the type of credit and the down payment requested by the borrower. In addition, each insurance company uses its own methods of calculation in order to fix the monthly payments to be paid for such a cover. On average, borrowers request mortgage loan insurance for a down payment of 20% only on the initial investment. The cost of care will be more within the reach of all budgets. But even compare offers, do not dwell on prices, but also on the speed of care

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