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HUH Token was added to even coins which reached a market cap of $ 22 billion. The company has announced that it wants to disrupt the status quo in the cryptocurrency market and establish a source of income for everyone.

“Meme coin” was added in 2013 to cryptocurrencies which were first launched in 2009. The same coin, also known as satirical cryptocurrency, has spread in a short time and is now creating a market of 22 billion USD. On December 6th, a new token was introduced for even coins which are ironically meant as a joke. In a written statement from HUH Token, it was stated that they aim to be among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

“We are going to disrupt the status quo”
In the statement stressing that HUH Token will use blockchain technology to provide everyone with the opportunity to win unique prizes, it says, “Our goal is to disrupt the status quo in the cryptocurrency markets and establish a source of income for everyone. We aim to do this with our innovative and user-friendly referral system. With the logic of a lucrative referral system, we are going to allow passive investors to earn extra money. Those who refer a friend will earn up to 10% of their first direct purchase in BNB. In addition, HUH Token investors will also benefit from a permanent sales tax reduction of 10-20%.

The token that overturns tradition!
The creators of HUH Token stressed that they aimed to bring a different dimension of innovation by changing the rules of the market with these advantages, and added: “Historically, the most respectable cryptocurrencies have paid dividends to investors. the most rich. Because of this, a larger initial investment is usually required to make a significant profit, but it is not something that everyone can achieve. With Huh Token, we hope to reverse this tradition and make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. “

The referee will earn 10%
Noting that HUH Token is more than just a cryptocurrency, the statement covers the following: “HUH Token is designed for investors to deposit cold and money directly into their bank account. It is a one-of-a-kind referral system. It is also the first cryptocurrency that distributes both BNB and Token. An investor who sponsors someone can earn 10%, and receive a permanent 10-20% sales tax rebate. In addition, it is possible to recommend up to an unlimited number of people. Therefore, it does not offer a get-rich-quick scheme, but in the long run our goal is to invest in the future with a token that will survive. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, investors may face significant and unpredictable risks. Analysts expect the popularity of cryptos that offer more stability to increase. HUH Token is a static reward that reduces large price changes caused by market fluctuations and volatility. Thus, we are able to offer a more accessible alternative to a wide range of investors.
Interest in altcoins increases as HUH tokens increase

Entering the cryptocurrency market on December 6, HUH Token causes instability of giant coins while increasing the popularity of altcoins (alternative coins). Launched at the same time as the HUH Token, Dogecoin opens the door to an increase in the use of altcoins and even coins. The coins themselves are growing in popularity more than you might think and continue to generate constant interest from investors. HUH Token, which entered the market quickly, follows a similar path with Shiba and Dogecoin.

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