Prime Minister Nabbanja tasks government officials with effective budgeting



Government officials at all levels have been urged to ensure that the money budgeted does what it is intended for.

The appeal was made by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja on Tuesday as he chaired the inaugural meeting of the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Fiscal Year 2022/2023 budget at the President’s office in Kampala.

Ms Nabbanja said the national budget should target interventions that put money in people’s pockets, stressing that “if you want to know someone’s priorities, you just have to look at how they have allocated their budgets”.

“Colleagues, we also have to make sure that the money allocated in the budget actually does what it is supposed to do. In short, I address the problem of corruption, where public resources end up in the deep pockets of entrepreneurs and intermediaries, and never reach the intended beneficiaries, ”she said.
In this regard, Ms. Nabbanja said: “This cancer of corruption must be fought by all of us in this committee. We must not just be satisfied with the allowances, but also with how the money is used. It forces us to monitor government projects on the ground and ensure that there is value for money and the quality of the work is up to par, ”she said.

Ms. Nabbanja stressed that the focus should be on promoting sectors that directly affect people’s lives such as agro-industry, industrialization and infrastructure development.

Ms. Nabbanja said that a key element of the 3rd National Development Plan as well as the NRM Manifesto is the implementation of the parish development model.


“We want to make sure that the resources to operationalize the model are available during this fiscal year and years to come, as we believe this will be a game-changer for our people as service delivery programs will now be targeted. at the lowest level – the parish, ”she said.

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija in a presentation by Mr. Amos Lugoloobi (State, Planning) said: “Dear Colleagues, the total Ugandan government budget excluding Debt, External Financing and Aid Appropriation (AIA) is high. to 22 76 trillion Shs. A total of 12,074 trillion Shs has been released, which represents 53% of the approved budget when the half-yearly budget for the 2021/22 fiscal year was published. “

Mr. Kasaija said Shs 1.06 trillion was handed over to local governments. Of this amount, 66% are development grants, while Shs 817 billion has been released for health facilities, including an additional budget of Shs 206.36 billion for Covid-19, and Shs 334 billion for National Medical Stores for Medicines and Essential Medicines.

The President of the National Planning Authority, Professor Pamela K. Mbabazi, said that the development priorities under the National Development Program III are improving access to reliable, stable and affordable energy, through increased electricity production, reduction of transport costs through improved interconnectivity, regular maintenance of existing facilities. stock of transport infrastructure and connecting the country to regional and global markets.


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