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Digital financial services company Sofi Technologies (NASDAQ 🙂 the stock is gaining new ground as it tries to climb to all-time highs. The fintech company has expanded its financial services to become a one-stop shop for banking,, loans, budgeting, wealth planning and credit cards suitable for millennials and millennials. The company also acquired the Galileo digital processing platform to bring the total number of users to more than 2 ,5 millions.

Topline’s turnover increased by 74% in its results, highlighting its stage of hypergrowth with the behind them. Sofi is the fifth largest “neobank”, a digital bank without physical branches. It is also the only major digital bank to offer loans to its members, ranging from home equity to student loans. Investors are awaiting the granting of a national banking charter license to further strengthen its growth. Cautious investors looking for a foothold in the transfer and growth of wealth for the millennial population can watch Sofi Technologies for opportunistic withdrawals to gain exposure.

Publication of results for the second quarter of fiscal 2021

On August 12, 2021, Sofi released its second quarter 2021 tax results for the quarter ended June 2021. The Company reported a loss of adjusted diluted earnings per share (EPS) of ($ -0.48) excluding non-consolidated items. recurring. Total revenue rose 74% year-on-year to $ 237.2 million from $ 218.60 million according to consensus analysts’ estimates. Membership growth increased by $ 113 year-on-year. Total product revenue increased 123% year-on-year to $ 3.7 million. The federal moratorium on student loans caused Sofi to default and hurt its upward forecast.

Sofi CEO Anthony Noto commented:

“The second quarter turned out to be another quarter full of milestones for SoFi. We exceeded our financial expectations, generating record quarterly adjusted revenue and our fourth consecutive quarter of positive Adjusted EBITDA. We recorded our 8th consecutive quarter of accelerating member growth, with even faster cross-buy growth from existing members, increased our Galileo account base to nearly 79 million and raised nearly $ 2 billion in part of our successful transition to a public enterprise. We accomplished all of this by focusing on our members and our mission to provide them with the right financial products, services and advice for every major financial decision in their lives, and every day in between. “

Downward trend in earnings

Sofi has released a declining profit forecast for the third quarter of 2021 with expected revenues of between $ 245 and $ 255 million compared to analyst estimates of $ 270.15 with an EBITDA loss of between (- $ 7 million ) and (- $ 3 million). The company reaffirms that revenue for the full year 2021 will be around $ 980 million, beating analysts’ estimates of $ 973.74 million with an expected Adjusted EBITDA of $ 27 million.

Take-out conference call

CEO No to set the tone,

“During the quarter, we demonstrated our commitment to constantly iterate on four factors, rapid selection, constant demands to drive compositional innovation. Here are a few examples of what we did during the quarter. Our products are 100% digital and there are endless ways to tailor them to specific member needs. To make sure our members get the right loan for them. We launched a next-generation credit model and redesigned our fraud and income verification processes. This resulted in a 30% higher approval rate with the same credit area, resulting in a 60% increase in funnel conversion and an improvement in the Net Promoter Score, all without any negative impact on the credit quality. Across all loans, we continue to invest in automation to make the loan application process easier, faster and simpler. In the second quarter, over 50% of personal loan processes were 100% automated.

“This compares to less than 30% a year ago, which reduced the cost per loan and cut the funding time to two days from four days last year and almost a week ago. a few years. In student loans, we are working to align with members’ individual needs throughout the pandemic, in particular by introducing this snooze feature. The snooze feature allows borrowers to lock in a low rate on a student loan today. She is delaying upfront payments until the CARES Act loan deferral program ends in January 2022.

“In SoFi Money, we’ve enhanced our direct deposit offering by adding a two-day advance paycheck to previous enhancements such as free overdraft protection, auto-save, and roundup features. And SoFi members invest requested more cryptocurrency selection. So we added 16 points to the offer. We also have the option to redeem the SoFi reward points earned on all SoFi products into cryptocurrency. And we were there ‘one of the first offerings with our new IPO Investment Center. Additionally, in Invest we added to our already strong SoFi ETF offering by launching SoFi weekly the very first equity ETF that pays weekly dividends, this SoFi TJF or joint fixed income ETF that pays a dividend every Friday.

“At Galileo, we are close to completing a 15 month project to create a new cloud computing environment to replace the on-premises environment and we are now in the third quarter focused on migrating existing customers to the cloud. , which we filed through integration We also continue to grow the Galileo partner base, signing 22 new partners in the first half of 21 and 12 of those in the second quarter, some of which focused on business and cryptocurrency.

“Finally, we continue to iterate and innovate on our unique rewards program by adding additional reward triggers when members set up return purchases or return deposits in SoFi Invest or direct deposit in SoFi Money, or When members use the app to take action that makes their Since launch, rewards significantly contribute to cross-shopping and engagement.

Sofi Technologies share chart

SOFI opportunistic withdrawal levels

The use of gun charts over the weekly and daily periods provides an accurate view of the price action playing field for SOFI stock. Rifles weekly chart peaked at $ 21.81 Fibonacci level (fib) short term, as the weekly mini stochastic puppy continues to drive the active uptrend. Support for the 5-period weekly moving average (MA) increases to $ 18.05, while the 15-period MA increases to $ 16.13.

The Weekly Stochastic Mini Pup approaches the 60 band as it continues its swing with the daily upper Bollinger® (BB) bands at $ 23.67 fib. The weekly sale of the Elevated Market Structure (MSH) triggered the $ 22.25 outage. The daily rifle chart has been on the rise since weak market structure (MSL) buy triggered above $ 16.49. The daily 5 period MA stagnates at $ 20.74 with a 15 period MA increasing to $ 18.70. Daily Stochastic forms a mini high band to band 90 reverse puppy attempt to set up a pullback.

Cautious investors can watch for timely pullbacks at the $ 19.01 fib, $ 18.31 fib, $ 17.52 fib, $ 16.84, $ 15.65 fib and fib of $ 14.65. Upward trajectories range from the fib level of $ 25.40 to the fib level of $ 33.27.

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