Tax experts urge adoption of gender budgeting


Retired Society of Women in Taxation Executives

The Joint Tax Board, JTB, has advocated for the adoption of gender-based budgeting as a way to address gaps in the development of women and girls.

Board Executive Secretary Hajya Nana Aisha made the call during a Society for Women in Taxation leadership retreat on “Gender Budgeting and Taxation.”

Hajya Aisha said that in sub-Saharan Africa, women are still far from having access to education, health care, employment opportunities, political participation as well as ownership and management of productive assets.

She said gender responsive budgeting is an approach that uses tax policy and administration to promote gender equality and the development of girls and women, which has the capacity to unleash the productive capacity of women.

According to the Executive Secretary of the Joint Fiscal Commission, studies have shown that eliminating gender disparities and promoting the development of girls and women are beneficial to societies.

The World Bank, in its 2012 Development Report, Gender Equality and Development, presents clear evidence of the many ways in which the development of women and the reduction of gender inequalities have led to faster economic growth, improved labor productivity, among others.

In her presentation, the National President of the Society of Women in Taxation, Dr. Abiola Adimula, said that gender responsive budgeting involves integrating gender perspectives into all stages of budgeting and planning processes.

She said it also involves carrying out a gender-based assessment of budgets, integrating a gender perspective at all levels of the budget process, and restructuring revenues and expenditures to promote gender equality. sexes.

Dr Adimula said that the Society of Women in Taxation as well as other professional women’s groups must develop an eagle eye that will see that the interests of women and children are taken care of from the moment the elements are developed for the budget.

The President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, Chief Adesina Adebayo, said it was important to keep abreast of the latest developments in gender development and engage all stakeholders including taxpayers , on the subject.

Chief Adebayo, represented by Dr. Emeke Nwabuzor, said adopting gender-based budgeting would go a long way in reducing inequalities and boosting economic growth through better contribution of women.

Reporting by Biodun Dare, editing by Daniel Adejo


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